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Welcome to QueerLand

QueerLand is a nonprofit providing free arts and wellness programming to LGBTQ+ youth across LA. We empower queer youth through our free skill-building workshops, performance opportunities, mentorship panels & more!!

Here in QueerLand, we are building a better world for the LGBTQIA+ community by uplifting and educating our next generations youth through the celebration and creation of LGBTQIA+ culture.

Check out our past and future events on our instagram and facebook, @queerland.center! Feel free to contact us via email at queerland@protonmail.com with any questions! 

There are few places today where one can exist in safety and comfort (especially as a queer person) without spending money- the QueerLand Community Center will be one of those few remaining safe havens in Los Angeles. Please help us make this possible by donating today!

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Editing Tips Part 2 from Author Michael Daoust

Hello dear reader, and, I hope, dear friend. I hope you are well. I really do! Now, on the last blog post we discussed the art of editing. More precisely, we discussed the sort of ‘mind-frame’ one needs, the essential mental steps that have to happen before the editing actually starts. A sort of pre-quel. Today, I would like to stop and pause, and tell you how to start the ‘actual’ editing. It’s…

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Struggling with editing your writing? Read this!

Dear reader, I hope you are well. I really do. Now, I know this is supposed to be a blog post, but I am terrible at those. Consider this instead a salvaged letter that you have stumbled upon. A little snippet of time and advice from a quality friend, sent along on wrinkled and aged paper, from me to you. I do hope that you are well. I hope that all is well, especially in your fantasy worlds. Here…

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It Takes A Village: Intentional Network Building for LGBTQIA+ Artists

Network /ˈnetˌwərk/ - a group or system of interconnected people or things The people we surround ourselves with are everything to our ability to thrive.  They are the people we turn to, learn from, listen to and share with. They are who we get our feedback from. They are a resource for us to learn and grow.   Your professional network is no different. As an emerging artist, you have a very…

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Representation Matters: A Brief History of Queer Youth in Media

Weeks after Pride Month ended, there was the debut of the new Gossip Girl, which followed tradition of other recent reboots of millennial nostalgia properties (such as Peacock’s Saved By the Bell reboot and Netflix’s recent updates of The Baby-Sitters’ Club and She-Ra) by adding queer characters to the mix. In general, queer youth have never been better represented in popular culture. Portrayals…

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The Legacy of Drag: Gender is a Construct, Tear it Apart!

*Drag (n.)- the wearing of clothing typically deemed for the opposite sex; the performance of masculinity, femininity, androgyny, or other forms of gender expression* Though the definition varies on source, drag has been a part of many different cultures since ancient times.  Drag can be traced back to ancient Greece and Chinese dynasties, and has remained culturally significant.  The function of…

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Pride is a Rebellion!: How Stonewall Birthed Pride

Pride was born out of riots that took place in Greenwich Village, New York City in the Summer of 1969.  In those days, it was illegal to be openly homosexual (homosexuality was still considered a mental illness by the American Psycatric Association until 1974).  It was commonplace for the police to target gay bars by raids, harassment, arresting and outing its patrons.  But, in the early hours of…

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Pride month events!

Pride is a time to celebrate queer resistance, culture and community. QueerLand is offering several free programs this month that do exactly that! RSVP via our eventbrite! 1. Angelic Troublemakers: Bayard Rustin and the Principles of Nonviolent Resistance Wednesday June 9th, 6pm PT Bayard Rustin was an activist in various movements for human rights for over 50 years. While he played a major role…

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