Starving Artists, my a$$: How to Thrive so you can Create

Don’t miss QueerLands’ essential business workshop for artists: “Starving Artists, My Ass: How To Thrive So You Can Create” next Monday, May 17th at 5pm! Kim Wunner, leadership coach to the LGBTQ community, created this workshop with the goal of supporting emerging young artists by providing a view to the business end of being an artist and to provide a space to reflect on what their vision is for how art will be part of their lives and how to live, and thrive as artists.

Kim Wunner is a leadership coach to the LBGTQ community, coming from the angle of destroying the patriarchal constructs that keep us boxed in. She had a 20 year marketing career spanning ad agencies, corporations and nonprofits before deciding to apply those skills to mission driven people and organizations. Kim believes the future is diverse, expressive and creative and as such supports LGBTQ youth in finding their voice, knowing their value to create their own paths where they thrive and light the world on fire.

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