LGBTQ+ Poetry Workshop Part 2 led by poet, MSW Johnny Valera

Join QueerLand for an evening writing poetry and LGBTQ+ support led by poet Johnny Valera!

About this event

❤️ Join QueerLand February 10th at 6pm PT for Part 2 of our free poetry LGBTQ+ poetry workshop led by MSW Johnny Valera (Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them)!

🧡In our first session, we explore several poetry pieces and dissect the feelings that might have motivated each piece; this time, we'll explore these feelings further and write your own poems. Don't forget to submit your pieces to the QueerLand zine (theme: Resilience) here:!!

💛Meet your workshop leader: Johnny Valera (Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them) is a fat, queer, Latinx, social worker and writer living in the greater Los Angeles area. Growing up in East Los Angeles, Johnny found significant influence from his community and family, particularly from the matriarchs in his childhood including his grandmother, mother, and aunt, whom inspired and cultivated his own exploration of identity. Having facilitated and created a curriculum Writing for Recovery, he encourages everyone to utilize the power of writing to find the tools they need for change.