Build-A-Zine Workshop with Sean Pessin

Learn how to build your own digital zine in this free workshop led by CSUN Professor Sean Pessin and hosted by the LGBTQ+ nonprofit, QueerLand. Get your tickets on eventbrite!

What is a zine? A zine is a small-circulation, self-published booklet of original or appropriated work, traditionally created by physically cutting and gluing texts and images together. You can make a zine about any topic- you can include music, stories, comics, jokes, drawing-anything!

About your workshop host: Sean Pessin (he/they) is a founding co-editor of agape: a journal of literary good will, an editor-at-large for Magra Books, on the board of Les Figues Press, and a collaborator of Red Right Hand Press. He is currently a Professor at California State University or Northridge and teaches the literary magazine course each semester: The Northridge Review.